Pest control Uttara

Uttara, being at the furthest southern portion of Dhaka, has been under development for years. Redeveloping areas are always swarming with pests of all types. Let us help you with getting rid of those.
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Hail to the official site of pest control Uttara. This site contains all the information related to our service, payment method, treatment method, and price ranges for your compliance. So steer through the website to find out more about the best suitable treatment according to your needs.
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What is pest control

Pest control can be defined as the process of keeping both the growth and maturation of pests in check by taking specific measures. These measures, in no way, should be harmful to the environment and humans but pests. 

Anything that includes pouring down hot water through a pipeline to spraying an entire area with chemicals is included in the control process.

Services We Provide

bedbug control service


Call us instantly at the sight of these vicious blood-sucking pests for permanent termination.
cockroach control service

Cockroach Control

Buckled up with cockroach-killing sprays, we will visit your place to save it from them.
rat control service

Rodent/ Rat Control

Domestic rodents like rats or area-based rodents, we got it all to make both home and outside habitable.
termite control service

Termite Control

Save your wooden furniture from repairment due to termite infestation. We offer termite control service in our packages as well.
mosquito control service

Mosquito control

We pay monthly visits to different areas of Uttara with mosquito-controlling sprays on our shoulders. It is also applicable for individual houses having environments that are responsible for the harbor of mosquitoes.
ant control service

Ant control

Both black and red ants are deadly for the kitchen service. Our treatments for ants are targeted to uproot the ant nest to prevent that.
snake control service

Snake Control

Uttara has several wetlands having grasses and wild trees surrounding those. Although it is situated in the cityscape, you may see baby snakes here and there. We seal all the holes around these areas as a preventive step to be safe. We also pay attention to any reported snake attacks.
cleaning service

Cleaning service

We provide cleaning service for cars, heavy furniture, carpets, and many other objects that are too hassling to clean on your own. 
disinfection service

Disinfection service

We hold disinfection services around both drainage and garbage systems around the areas to lock the growth of pests from the get-go. This service also follows any pest control service to prevent a recurrence.
We serve many industries
Pest control Uttara has taken up responsibilities to keep an eye out for these mentioned industries as soon as they are under pest attack. Here is the list for a better view:
Multi-unit apartment

Our pest examination service

Our pest examination service Among all the services we provide, the pest examination service is free of cost and the most worthy for pest control purposes. It is available for both your home and business. This service is added with the scheduled service as a pre-plan process.

For your home
Pest assessment aid for home opens a horizon for the workers. It helps to chalk out a plan before diving into the actual job. The same team perpetrates the examination service like the one working on the treatment day. They set out all the preventive measures possible for a better outcome.

For your business 
Like homes have some undermining vital points, such as kitchen area, children and elderly, and business properties. There is a lot of confidentiality to be maintained, all while keeping the raw materials of the business intact. A pest assessment service gives insight about which corner to knock and which one not to.

About Pest Control Uttara

Pest control Uttara is a private pest control company residing in Uttara. Although we started our main branch in Uttara about a decade ago, we have currently spread to northern parts of the capital. We provide the same service in all our branches as we do in Uttara.

Ever since the birth of our organization, we have dedicated our management system and team member training to provide the best treatment possible. Our motto is to make a pest-free city, starting the journey from Uttara. Therefore, we have divided our work schedule into two different service packages keeping that in mind.

The first one is for emergencies. You can call us any time of the day and night to avail the option. It is functioning 24*7, even on holidays. In addition, a special workers unit is solely dedicated to emergency pest infestations.

The second option is the scheduled appointment. Here you get a free assessment service beforehand to make the primary measurement process more accessible and more effective. Although it is costlier than the emergency one, it comes with the promise of both cure and further prevention of infestation of pests.

Along with the appointed services, we arrange seminars to increase the regular hygiene sense and responsibility of the Uttara citizens towards this region regarding pests.

Why choose our professional pest control service

We believe more in leaving our mark with our job than motivating our customers with empty words. But there are some critical points you need to have an idea about before signing up with us.

We have been in the business for more than a decade now, and in this period we have trained more than 5000 workers. The experiences they gathered over time have made them more committed to giving a guaranteed service.

They know how to differentiate among different pest species and design the treatment according to that. All of them are nationally qualified to have your experience with 100% satisfaction. They are quick to respond to any call, regardless of emergency or appointment.

Then comes the real talk that most people are afraid of- the chemicals. We provide the safest chemicals in our treatments built by national chemists. Unfortunately, those are only detrimental for pests, keeping away from the health of both workers and customers.

Why Pest control service is important

Pests come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They have a varying degree of growth and development system. Understanding all these are necessary before fighting with them to take them under control. It is not a one-man’s job to do so.

This is where pest control service comes into the equation. They will sweep all the pests from your place and area without leaving a trace. They have such excellent strategies not only to cure but also to prevent the pests from recurring. These services do the job without degrading human health and the environment while keeping the biological equivalents.

They know which treatment to use for the distinct species so that the measurements are more effective than failure. Most treatments are quite affordable from the companies rather than if you do it on your own. Giving your place to a pest control company for the day may turn out to be more money-worthy than you think.
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